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April 6, 2023

Price Transparency with Dr. Jonathan Kaplan

When Dr. Jonathan Kaplan moved to California and bought a small plastic surgery practice, he noticed something unusual: most of his competitors did very little to reveal what procedures cost. So Kaplan made his pricing transparent and built an online pricing estimator. The result was more empowered patients and better marketing, with price-aware patients 41% more likely to book a procedure.

What is your practice doing differently?

“Doctors never never want to talk about how much things cost. So it was really the perfect call to action to say, ‘hey, there's pricing available on the website.’ When you got to my website, it wasn't just a list of prices. It was a price estimator that I had developed. The consumer can go to the website and check any of the prices, but only after they put in their contact information.”

How has this innovation helped your practice?

“If patients know prices ahead of time, they're more likely to move from the exam room into the operating room and the consultation won’t result in sticker shock. Increasing the chances of booking by 41% means you're wasting a lot less time on consultations that go nowhere.”

How has this innovation helped your patients?

“Now, every patient that comes in for a consultation, we've already sent them an estimate or they checked an estimate on their own. So they have a much better, more-realistic idea of how much it's going to cost before they come down.”