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Who is Nitra?

Nitra is a software and financial services company built with healthcare in mind. We specialize in helping providers manage and optimize their business-focused workflows.

Will my personal credit be affected when I apply for Nitra Card?

In some circumstances, and only with your prior permission, Nitra may request a personal credit check when you apply for a card. This check is a soft credit pull and will not affect your credit.

What is the annual fee for Nitra Card?

There is no annual fee. Nitra Card also comes with one year of Nitra BillPay for free, after which users may opt in to continue for a fee.

How do I sign up for a Nitra card?

Potential cardholders may apply for the Nitra Visa Business Card on

Can I apply for Nitra Card without an EIN?

Yes, if you operate as a sole proprietor you can apply using your Social Security Number.


How does Nitra’s rewards program work?

You earn 3% cash back rewards on Nitra Marketplace spend, 2.2% on medical spend, 2% on business spend, and 1% on everything else. Your cash back rewards are unlimited. Cash back rewards points are awarded after your statement has been paid. Redemption options are available in your account dashboard.

Do my cashback rewards expire?

Your Nitra rewards never expire. If you cancel your account or your account is otherwise terminated, your cash back rewards are forfeited.

Account Management

Who should I contact if I have questions about my account?

I forgot my password. How do I login?

Self-serve password reset is available from the login screen. You can email for additional assistance.

How do I contact Nitra?

For all other Questions, contact us directly at (845) 209 0213.

How can I partner with Nitra?

If you are interested in partnering with Nitra, please fill out our partner lead form on site or email us at

Does My Nitra Card Support Apple Pay and Google Pay?

Yes, you can use Nitra cards with Apple and Google Pay, both virtual and physical cards are supported! You can add cards to your mobile wallet in a couple of ways:

iOS users
- Using the Nitra iOS App: Go to the Cards Tab, select a card, and tap “Add to Apple Wallet”
- Manually add cards via Apple Wallet here

Android users
- Manually add cards via Google Pay here

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