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April 6, 2023

Community Outreach with Dr. Robyn Siperstein

When Dr. Robyn Siperstein launched her dermatology practice, she focused heavily on caring for women. Siperstein began a program of community outreach, appearing at clubs, senior centers and other events where women gathered. She would speak about skin care, answer questions and invite them to come in for a consultation. Today, that practice has 11 physicians, roughly 100 employees and a building of its own. It draws roughly 1,000 new patients every month, and still maintains a focus on women.

What is your practice doing differently?

“Introducing myself, spending time in the community, going to their events, it all helped. I would give a talk in front of 100 women and give them all goodie bags and a coupon for cosmetic services. Those events always went over really well.”

How has this innovation helped your practice?

“I launched my practice on a completely different model. Mine was patient-oriented, not physician-oriented. I got all my referrals from patients. Over time, we have had thousands of patients come in, all referred by friends, family and others in our community. ”

How has this innovation helped your patients?

“I did my homework and made sure that I was filling a gap in the market. There were no other female dermatologists where I decided to open up, so it was a no brainer. Especially for full-skin checks. Women usually feel less comfortable getting undressed in front of men.”