The Story of Our New Logo

New Colors. New Look. Same Doctor-Driven Mission.

Nitra was founded with a very specific goal: to provide private practice doctors with the tangible business support they need, starting with smart spending management solutions. So when we created our new branding and logo, we wanted to reflect that mission.

Nitra products don’t just offer discounts and cash back. They provide systems that save your practice time and energy, so you can focus on patient care. That’s more than just rhetoric. Consider just how much time a practice spends managing bills, receipts and financial transactions.

Three out of four doctors say their practice loses at least three hours a week to that kind of work, according to a Nitra survey. That’s more than 150 hours each year—more than 19 full work days for a member of your staff. And many practices lost far more time.

More important is that doctors recognize the need to address the problem. While nine out of 10 doctors say they are willing to change their business credit card, the interesting thing is why: 74% said they want features that save administrative time. Roughly 62% expressed interest in a card built specifically for doctors.  

“For most doctors, there's a gap between being a doctor and being an entrepreneur,” said Maud Ricaurte, head of brand and marketing. “Nitra bridges that gap, creating a smooth connection between the two worlds.”

The Nitra logo was derived from a concept drawing that depicts our mission to help doctors bridge the gap between medicine and business.

Nitra creates financing options just for doctors, and our new logo represents that connection. It began with a sketch by our partner HelloMonday that shows our dedication to supporting physicians, and that image was then rendered as a modern representation. “We explored the theme of partnerships and seamless connection, creating a logo that connects two worlds to form one whole,” Ricaurte said.

Nitra’s new logo represents our belief that financial systems can transform life in a medical practice. A credit line allows you to operate with confidence, knowing that you can keep your practice running in the face of billing glitches, insurance problems, declining business or any other challenge.  

More importantly, the Nitra Visa Business Card is more than just credit. It is a sophisticated financial tool that allows your practice to run more efficiently. Features like virtual cards and automatic receipt reconciliation minimize the time spent on busy work. Higher cash back, membership at places like Costco and Amazon and discounts at major medical suppliers lock in savings.

The result is better practice management. More control. More rewards. More peace of mind.