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Earn, organize, automate, and secure - manage your practice spend and create time for what matters most.

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Earn while you spend

When you invest in your practice, your Nitra card invests in you.

What matters to you, matters to us.

Earn up to 2% unlimited cashback rewards on all your purchases - from lasers to printer paper.1

Our partners. Your priorities.

Earn up to 5% cashback rewards with select vendors. We make it our mission to seek out the best value for every healthcare professional we support.

Insights. Without Disruption.

More patient time. More clarity and control. However you define success for your practice, Nitra gives you the tools to achieve it.

Zoom in. Zoom out.

See a complete, real-time picture of your practice’s spend - across Card, ACH, and Checks.

Card Management. Made simple.

Issue cards and control transactions with ease, from the team-building lunch to laser purchases.

Less paperwork.
Happier staff.

All those hours sifting through paper receipts and scanning invoices can be invested in what truly matters.

Receipts. Reimagined.

Match messy paper receipts to transactions with a simple photo sent via text and upload invoices directly from your email for easy document tracking.

Ledgering. Uncomplicated.

No more time-consuming manual reconciliation. With one-click sync, you save time and avoid painful audits.

Cash Flows, Not Credit Limits.

No need for manual bank transfers to free up card capacity. Set it and forget it with Enhanced Autopay.

Security. Peace of Mind.

However you see your practice’s future, Nitra is here to help you
achieve it.

Lock. Unlock.

Protect yourself from unauthorized spend or fraud - you control who spends and when.

Work/Life. Delineated.

Keep personal life and business life separate. No hard pulls on your personal credit and less personal liability.

Your Account. In the Palm of Your Hand.

With the Nitra app, see and control your practice's spend on the go
Issue cards, remote lock and unlock, upload receipts and more
Add your Nitra cards to the Apple or Android wallet to tap and pay with ease

"We signed up with Nitra because they understand our needs as a high value medical practice. Nitra quickly responds to inquiries (with a human being), provides powerful automation for back-office processes, and recognizes how to add value to our business through affiliations and value added programs."

- Dr. Jeffrey Spiegel,

The Spiegel Center